Welcome Assis. Prof. Amina OMRANE ​from University of Sfax-Tunisia, Tunisia to be Committee Member!

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Assis. Prof. Amina OMRANE, University of Sfax-Tunisia, Tunisia 

Research Area: 

Management science and entrepreneurship

Research Experience:

Academic Qualifications

*Ability to conduct researches (HDR), from FSEG-Sfax, in January 2015 ;

*Masters’ graduation in English, from Bourguiba School, in May 2014 ;

*Doctor of management science, from Jean Moulin university-Lyon (France) and IHEC-Carthage (Tunisia), In January 2013 ;

*Research Master’s graduation in management-strategy, from IHEC-Carthage, in March 2007 ;

*Professional Master’s graduation in management by goals, from ISGI-Sfax, in July 2006 ;

*Postgraduate degree in higher business studies, from IHEC-Carthage, in May 2003 ;

*Under-graduate Degree in experimental sciences, from Pilote School of Sfax, in June1999 ;

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