2021 2nd International Conference on E-Commerce and Internet Technology
Welcome Dr. Maqsood Hayat ​from Yunnan University Of Business Management, China to be Committee Member!


Dr. Maqsood Hayat, Yunnan University Of Business Management, China

Research Area: 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Research Experience:

1. Maqsood Hayat, Shehzad Khan, Muhammad Arshad , Aneela Qadir, Asif Iqbal, (2019). Impact of Carroll CSR’s Pyramid on Firm’s Financial Performance in Pakistan as a Developing Country. – Under Review in Journal of Management Sciences. (HEC Y-Category).

2. Maqsood Hayat, Shehzad Khan, Asif Iqbal (2019). CSRs Knowledge and Management of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan  – Global Economics Review(GER). P-ISSN:2521-2974

3. Maqsood Hayat, Shehzad Khan, Asif Iqbal, Aneela Qadir, Muhammad Arshad (2019). Why do the urgency of stakeholders matter more in the firm performance? – Under Review in World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development.

4. Maqsood Hayat, Shehzad Khan (2018). Impact of corporate social responsibility guidelines 2013 on the extent of the corporate social responsibility activities and disclosures in Pakistan. Volume. 2, Issue 1, 61-74 Journal of Applied Economics and Business Studies (JAEBS).

5. Maqsood Hayat, Shehzad Khan, Asif Iqbal (2019). Why do institutional forces and firm’s characteristics matter more in corporate social responsibility? – Under Review in Journal of Global Responsibility (JGR-07-2019-0076).